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Bright Slap: The Pre-AX Slap Show
July 02, 2010 10:33 AM PDT
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Jim and Gian prepare themselves for the insanity that is Anime Expo. Formalities are skipped this episode and the hosts get right into the fray. Each day's plans are discussed, with the hopes of acquiring some rare figures. Will Gian and Jim be able to attend all the panels they wish to? Can Jim prevent himself from "bombing" at AX's "Last Comic Standing"? Tune in to this week's Bright Slap to find out (well not really...). Listen in for some helpful tips on shopping in the dealer's room as well!

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, we had to use the microphone from the 1st episode since Jim forgot to bring the mic we always use. Please bare with some jumps in quality and random noises in small parts of the podcast. It's most likely the fan (it was really hot, we had to keep it on).

Bright Slap: The Third Deadly Fist
June 17, 2010 03:46 AM PDT
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Jim and Gian welcome their new co-host Jenny in this week's Bright Slap! In this episode, get acquainted with our new nakama, Jenny, as she discusses her top three favorite animes! Also, we talk about why Jim should read Twilight and the behavior of "manga cows". Later, each host reveals their humble beginnings into the world of anime. If you grew up watching DBZ, Pokemon, and Sailor Moon then this is the podcast for you! Three's definitely company this week, as anime once again receives the swift slap of subordination.

Bright Slap: History's Strongest Slap
June 10, 2010 11:38 AM PDT
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Co-hosts, Jim and Gian, continue their quest to provide entertaining anime discussion. This week we tackle Glee's season finale, Valentine's Day, and Kenichi. After the break, we respond to one another's requests in our "Antarctic Treaty" segment. Will Jim get over Initial D's character designs? Has Gian decided that Strike Witches is nothing but crotch shots and girls sleeping in the nude? Find out in this week's episode!

Bright Slap: Introduction to the Hand
June 03, 2010 01:43 AM PDT
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Hosts, Jim and Gian, explore the wonderful world of anime. In this premiere episode the topic of discussion is our top 3 favorite animes of all time (well at least at the moment). We also introduce our weekly segment "The Antarctic Treaty" where both Gian and I trade anime recommendations with one another in hopes of broadening each of our tastes. We close the episode with some insight into future shows!